What defines us?

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” ~ Napoleon Hill
 Positive mental attitude.
 Highly motivated.
 Proactive & Creative.
 The property market is always good; it’s our “definiteness of purpose” that makes the difference.
 Shared success is a great success.
 More than 30 years of property experience & knowledge.
 Highly competitive commission structure.
 100% support.
 Balanced negotiation.
 Developing partnerships.

With more than 30 years of negotiations (exceeding 1.5 Billion in value of property transactions nationally & internationally), we are vastly knowledgeable and qualified to take care of business.

As our valued client, you will enjoy outstanding service. We appreciate that talking about money can prove to be awkward, tricky, and often, if not discussed carefully can unknowingly be costly.
We, being professional, are objective, thus enabling us to work and protect your best interests.

The final negotiation and conclusion of the paperwork are crucial; we give you comfort by ensuring that all legal aspects are carefully considered and covered. Key Location is aligned nationally and internationally with the finest conveyancers and legal minds to assist and advise when needed. Additionally, we request that all deposits be held by the conveyancer in their Trust/ Client account for safekeeping.

New-age technology has completely revolutionized all aspects of the real estate industry. In conjunction with technology, we have streamlined our business, making it cost-effective and easier for all to transact and save.

Whether investing or selling, concluding property transactions need & be complex or costly; with us, you can expect to save Thousands. Our objective is to achieve your aspirations.

Key Location (Pty) Ltd

Paul Assad, the founder of Key Location (formally Paul Assad Realty), is well-established in the property business with a wealth of experience that exceeds 30 years. Having successfully transacted Nationally in South Africa as well as abroad, he has developed a broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding. Paul’s reputable name has been synonymous with property beginning in the Bryanston / Sandton areas since 1989, subsequently broadening his network further across South Africa and abroad.

Feel free to call Paul directly to discuss property opportunities whether local, international and all aspects of development which includes various land zoning possibilities and how to capitalise.

Confidentiality and trade secrets are paramount; Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)’s and Non-circumvention agreements (NCA)’s are there to protect everyone and their intellectual property which Paul accepts.

Contact Paul on 0027 (0)83 444 3580 or e-mail him via paul@keylocation.co.za, and he will personally take your call.


Key Location operates within a niche market, they have a portfolio of KEY CLIENTS who are
taken care of to the highest professional standard. Their business is centered on healthy, happy
and reliable business relationships.

Their positive outlook develops their culture which keeps them on their toes; it continually
enhances their pro-active, creative and inventive mindset. They Believe that “Likeminded people
attract likeminded people, creating success”

Key Location specializes in all property-related transactions (Nationally & Internationally).
They are qualified to take care of business, from smaller projects to massive projects:

 All development land/property zoned & un-zoned.
 Development and project procurement, new and existing.
 Investment procurement.
 Where necessary, developing partnerships such as Joint ventures or
investment partners.
 International development projects, residential & commercial
 Affiliated with a spectrum of professional teams, nationally &
 Paul is available to discuss your property, your options, and your strategy,
call him directly, 0027 (0) 83 444 3580 / paul@keylocation.co.za

(Due to international business travel, use WhatsApp or email)

Property is exciting, it’s integral to macro and micro-economies, creates employment, and
develops wealth. In the bigger picture, we are proud to contribute; many thousands of people are
employed when property transactions take place.

“There is always opportunity for those who seek it; often we need to reinvent ourselves to move

Paul Assad

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